Thursday, January 19, 2012


Pickles are not very popular in my household unless they are less spicy and have some sort of meat in them. I remember trying out all the seafood pickles from the pickle aisle of the local grocery store, one by one, and being disappointed with my purchase. After a few months, an almost full jar of pickle would be thrown away because we wouldn't have touched it after our first attempt and the pickle would have expired!!!!

About three months ago, someone mentioned to me about this new brand of pickles called the Jamin Kitchen made by someone from the Utthukuli Jamin family, now living in Chennai. I tried to source some of the pickles as I heard that they had a variety of pickles with meat and seafood in them but in vain.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a stall of Jamin Kitchen Pickles at the FICCI Ladies Bazaar event organised at the Velumani Ammal Hall in Ramakrishna Kalyana Mandapam, Coimbatore over last weekend. Without thinking twice, I bought a bottle each of the Mutton, Prawn and Fish pickle.

We first opened the mutton pickle for a taste and was happy to find a good amount of actual mutton pieces in the pickle. It had a strong flavour of mustard which worked well with the mutton and was an immediate hit with me and my husband. Next, we tried the fish pickle which was rather dry and less oily (I know, I shouldn't be complaining!) but the taste was equally good. Finally, we opened the prawn pickle after a couple of days for a taste. It tasted very similar to the mutton pickle and the mustard flavour seemed to work well with the prawns too.

There is a charming little booklet attached to every single pickle bottle about the origin of the recipes. The manufacturer offers due credit to her grandmother who was part of a Jamin family and was actively involved in the daily activities of a Jamin Kitchen and Palace.

The range of pickles from the Jamin Kitchen includes rich mutton, fish, prawn, gooseberry, raisin, mixed vegetable and mushroom. They also have a range of sweet preserves which includes gooseberry, gooseberry and apple combo, gooseberry and papaya combo and orange marmalade.

The non-vegetarian pickles are priced on the higher side with each bottle (300gms) costing a little over Rs300. But when you actually get good quality mutton/fish/prawn pieces often in your pickle then you feel the price is justified. I have not seen these pickles on the counter in the regular grocery stores here in Coimbatore. The following is the contact address to the dealer for Jamin Kitchen pickles in Coimbatore.

Ashha D. Raj,
Dealer for Jamin Kitchen in Coimbatore,
1211, Shakthi Illam, C S R Lay-out,
Trichy Road, Coimbatore - 641045.
Mobile : 98422 02376
E-mail :

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