Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is a blog where I want to share my thoughts on food. I enjoy cooking and am actively involved in the kitchen every day. I like to try out new recipes from the many cookbooks I have and I also enjoy searching for recipes on-line. I like to cook food that is healthy and complete for my family’s need. During my travel, I plan my meals meticulously and enjoy eating in both new restaurants and old-favourites. And I am fond of collecting little kitchen gadgets that make life a lot simpler in the kitchen. Some of these gadgets can also be fun to use. I want to share my thoughts and experiences during my escapades in the kitchen.

I have enjoyed cooking right from when I was about 12 years old. I would come back from school in the evening and whip up something for my evening snack. Both my mother and mother-in-law have been huge influences in cultivating a love for cooking in me. They are both fantastic cooks and have been great inspirations. And trust me, cooking is a great way to a man’s heart!!!! ;-) Now I also enjoy cooking for my children and try out various child-friendly recipes.

I’ll be posting my thoughts on some of the things I cook in my kitchen on a daily-basis for my family, on dinner menus I plan for a gathering of friends or family, my opinion on specific restaurants, on kitchen gadgets and some must-haves in the kitchen, on food ingredients, on cookbooks, on food shopping and on a whole bunch of things related to food. I would appreciate feedback and suggestions from readers and ideas on more arenas for me to explore in the world of food.


  1. This is great Divya, glad you went ahead and started a blog and I like the name too :) Looking forward to reading more, Keep them coming... Good luck!


  2. Great going, Divya..Keep writing.
    I loved the detail you put in with the grilling recipes!

  3. Nice Blog Divs, will look forward to your posts now on... Keep going :)

  4. thank you! finding a good name for the blog was a lot harder than i thought. the first 30 or so names i tried were already taken! can you believe that????

    i am also very excited about this new blog and i am looking forward to a great experience ahead....

  5. Hey Divya...i'm really glad you are writing a blog..i'm a big fan of your cooking:)

  6. hey divya, you have good writing skills, keeps the posts coming. BTW, I am Krishnaraj's class mate from school.